The SafeIX® Platform is now available.

SafeIX® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that stores information from consumers and providers in common standard formats, allowing information to be aggregated in real time.  Health data is stored in industry-standard documents that allow multiple apps and larger Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to use each others’ data with the patient’s permission.

Healthcare providers can utilize patient-contributed information in addition to data from their EHR systems to support quality improvement and reporting.  SafeIX allows two-way communication between providers and their patients and patients’ caregivers.  In addition, EHR systems can communicate directly with the SafeIX Platform using the Direct protocol, which is already used by many healthcare providers to facilitate point to point information exchange.
The SafeIX Platform is built on patent-pending technology that allows integration of information from various sources governed by different standards utilizing its Model Translation Services.  This allows independent physicians and other providers – even those without an EHR – to participate in a virtual care team with the patient, their caregivers and other providers.

App developers can use the SafeIX API to access medical information in EHRs.  For example, SafeIX compatible apps can be designed to

  • Integrate data from devices, such as weight and blood pressure, to healthcare providers;
  • Download a patient’s health data from their provider’s EHR and use it to better understand their health;
  • Aggregate a provider’s population health data into registries for quality improvement and reporting; and
  • Send patient-entered symptom tracking to their providers so they can provide timely response and monitor trends against patient interventions.

More information about the SafeIX API is available by contacting Datuit at